Volume 9, Issue 2
The Journal of Computational Science Education Volume 9 Issue 2
The Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE) promotes the use of compu . . .
Introduction to Volume 9 Issue 2
A brief introduction to this issue of the Journal of Computational Science Educa . . .
Featured Articles
Physics Conceptual Understanding in a Computational Science Course
Students face many difficulties dealing with physics principles and concepts dur . . .
Automatic Feature Selection in Markov State Models Using Genetic Algorithm
Markov State Models (MSMs) are a powerful framework to reproduce the long-time c . . .
Teaching and Learning Graph Algorithms Using Animation
Graph algorithms have many applications. Many real-world problems can be solved  . . .
Identification of Active Oligonucleotide Sequences Using Artificial Neural Network
In this project we designed an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) computational mod . . .
Parsing Next Generation Sequencing Data in Parallel Environments for Downstream Genetic Variation Analysis
With the recent advances in next generation sequencing technology, analysis of p . . .