Volume 10, Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education Volume 10 Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE) promotes the use of compu . . .
Introduction to Volume 10 Issue 1
A brief introduction to this issue of the Journal of Computational Science Educa . . .
Featured Articles
Bridging the Educational Gap between Emerging and Established Scientific Computing Disciplines
In this paper we describe our experience in developing curriculum courses aimed  . . .
Student-led Computational Inorganic Chemistry Research in a Classroom Setting
Advanced computational inorganic methods were introduced as course-based undergr . . .
Extending XSEDE Innovations to Campus Cyberinfrastructure - The XSEDE National Integration Toolkit
XSEDE Service Providers (SPs) and resources have the benefit of years of testing . . .
Student Outcomes in Parallelizing Recursive Matrix Multiply
Students in a course on high performance computing were assigned the task of par . . .
Scientific Computing, High-Performance Computing and Data Science in Higher Education
We present an overview of current academic curricula for Scientific Computing, H . . .
Initial impact of Evaluation in Blue Waters Community Engagement Program
The external evaluation activities in the first three years of the Blue Waters C . . .
Effectively Extending Computational Training Using Informal Means at Larger Institutions
Short courses offered by High Performance Computing (HPC) centers offer an avenu . . .
HPC Education and Training: an Australian Perspective
The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has been running a variety of education, traini . . .
Trends in Demand, Growth, and Breadth in Scientific Computing Training Delivered by a High-Performance Computing Center
We analyze the changes in the training and educational efforts of the SciNet HPC . . .
Evaluating Active Learning Approaches for Teaching Intermediate Programming at an Early Undergraduate Level
There is a growing need to provide intermediate programming classes to STEM stud . . .
The Impact of MOOC Methodology on the Scalability, Accessibility and Development of HPC Education and Training
This work explores the applicability of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) fo . . .
Training Computational Scientists to Build and Package Open-Source Software
High performance computing training and education typically emphasizes the first . . .
Using Virtual Reality to Enforce Principles of Cybersecurity
The Cyberinfrastructure Security Education for Professionals and Students (CiSE- . . .
Towards an HPC Certification Program
The HPC community has always considered the training of new and existing HPC pra . . .
Potential Influence of Prior Experience in an Undergraduate-Graduate Level HPC Course
A course on high performance computing (HPC) at Case Western Reserve University  . . .
Deep Learning by Doing: The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and University Ambassador Program
Over the past two decades, High-Performance Computing (HPC) communities have dev . . .
Using CloudLab as a Scalable Platform for Teaching Cluster Computing
A significant challenge in teaching cluster computing, an advanced topic in the  . . .
Programmable Education Infrastructure: Cloud resources as HPC Education Environments
Cloud computing is growing area for educating students and per- forming meaningf . . .
The HPC Best Practices Webinar Series
In this contribution, we discuss our experiences organizing the Best Practices f . . .