Bringing GPU Accelerated Computing and Deep Learning to the Classroom

Joseph Bungo and Daniel Wong

Volume 12, Issue 2 (February 2021), pp. 21–21

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  author={Joseph Bungo and Daniel Wong},
  title={Bringing GPU Accelerated Computing and Deep Learning to the Classroom},
  journal={The Journal of Computational Science Education},
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The call for accelerated computing and data science skills is soaring, and classrooms are on the front lines of feeding the demand. The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers handson training in AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science. Developers, data scientists, educators, researchers, and students can get practical experience powered by GPUs in the cloud. DLI Teaching Kits are complete course solutions that lower the barrier of incorporating AI and GPU computing in the classroom. The DLI University Ambassador Program enables qualified educators to teach DLI workshops, at no cost, across campuses and academic conferences to faculty, students, and researchers. DLI workshops offer student certification that demonstrates subject matter competency and supports career growth. Join NVIDIA's higher education leadership and leading adopters from academia to learn how to get involved in these programs.