Contributing HPC Skills to the HPC Certification Forum

Julian Kunkel, Kai Himstedt, Weronika Filinger, Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Anja Gerbes, and Lev Lafayette

Volume 11, Issue 1 (January 2020), pp. 106–107

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  author={Julian Kunkel and Kai Himstedt and Weronika Filinger and Jean-Thomas Acquaviva and Anja Gerbes and Lev Lafayette},
  title={Contributing HPC Skills to the HPC Certification Forum},
  journal={The Journal of Computational Science Education},
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The International HPC Certification Program has been officially launched over a year ago at ISC'18 and since then made significant progress in categorising and defining the skills required to proficiently use a variety of HPC systems. The program reached the stage when the support and input from the HPC community is essential. For the certification to be recognised widely, it needs to capture skills required by majority of HPC users, regardless of their level. This cannot be achieved without contributions from the community. This extended abstract briefly presents the current state of the developed Skill Tree and explains how contributors can extend it. In the talk, we focus on the contribution aspects.