Volume 8, Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education Volume 8 Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE) promotes the use of compu . . .
Introduction to Volume 8 Issue 1
A brief introduction to this issue of the Journal of Computational Science Educa . . .
Featured Articles
Implementation of Computational Aids in Diels-Alder Reactions: Regioselectivity and Stereochemistry of Adduct Formation
The Diels-Alder reaction is one of the most well-known organic reactions and is  . . .
Educational Module on Genomic Sequence Alignment Using HPC
"Aligning SequencesSequentially and Concurrently," an educational computational . . .
VisMo: Augmented Reality Visualization of Scientific Data and Molecular Structures
In this paper, we describe and detail the creation of and use for our project th . . .
The problem of interconnecting nets with multi-port terminals in VLSI circuits i . . .
GPU Acceleration for SQL Queries on Large-Scale Distributed Systems
General purpose GPUs are a powerful hardware with a number of applications in th . . .