Volume 11, Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education Volume 11 Issue 1
The Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE) promotes the use of compu . . .
Introduction to Volume 11 Issue 1
A brief introduction to this issue of the Journal of Computational Science Educa . . .
Featured Articles
Lessons Learned from the NASA-UVA Summer School and Internship Program
From 2013 to 2018 the University of Virginia operated a summer school and intern . . .
Northeast Cyberteam Program - A Workforce Development Strategy for Research Computing
Cyberinfrastructure is as important for research in the 21st century as test tub . . .
Incorporating Complexity in Computing Camps for High School Students - A Report on the Summer Computing Camp at Texas A&M University
Summer computing camps for high school students are rapidly becoming a staple at . . .
Expanding user communities with HPC Carpentry
Adoption of HPC as a research tool and industrial resource is a priority in many . . .
Blue Waters Workforce Development: Delivering National Scale HPC Workforce Development
There are numerous reports documenting the critical need for high performance co . . .
One Year HPC Certification Forum in Retrospective
The ever-changing nature of HPC has always compelled the HPC community to focus  . . .
Project-Based Research and Training in High-Performance Data Sciences, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning
This paper describes a hands-on project-based Research Experiences for Computati . . .
Computational Biology as a Compelling Pedagogical Tool in Computer Science Education
High-performance computing (HPC), and parallel and distributed computing (PDC) a . . .
FreeCompilerCamp.org: Training for OpenMP Compiler Development from Cloud
OpenMP is one of the most popular programming models to exploit node-level paral . . .
Self-paced Learning in HPC Lab Courses
In a software lab, groups of students develop parallel code using modern tools,  . . .
Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE): Establishing an Academic Department Dedicated to Scientific Computation as a Discipline
The Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE) department is one  . . .
The Supercomputer Institute: A Systems-Focused Approach to HPC Training and Education
For the past thirteen years, Los Alamos National Laboratory HPC Division has hos . . .
Creating a Relevant, Application-Based Curriculum for High Performance Computing in High School
While strides have been made to improve science and math readiness at a college- . . .
Introducing Novices to Scientific Parallel Computing
HPC and Scientific Computing are integral tools for sustaining the growth of sci . . .
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Online Learning Platform in Transitioning Users from a High Performance Computing to a Commercial Cloud Computing Environment
Developments in large scale computing environments have led to design of workflo . . .
Teaching HPC Systems Administrators
The ability to grow and teach systems professionals relies on having the capacit . . .
Contributing HPC Skills to the HPC Certification Forum
The International HPC Certification Program has been officially launched over a  . . .